MT Energy, LLC (Operator #: 518947) is an Oil & Gas Investment company and Texas-based operator focused on the acquisition and development of oil and gas fields in known hydrocarbon basins throughout East Texas. With over 60 years of experience, the utilization of science and technology, and best-in-class due diligence, we seek to leverage our multi-state experience in major field development to create a diversified and impactful asset base. Our operations are focused on adding value through production operations and then realizing value through well-optimization recovery techniques as well as monetizations from strategic divestitures.

  • Portfolio Approach – Exposure to multiple assets with various risk levels, allows for a portfolio theory similar to traditional investing, each oil and gas asset has its own risk characteristics, therefore, the chance for a poor performing asset is minimized.
  • Non-Marketed Opportunities – Relationships and pure “on the ground” knowledge, allows for direct negotiation of a specific asset versus being “bid up” in an auction process.
  • Focused Expert Partners – MT Energy, LLC prides itself on having relationships – mostly exclusive – with firms that developed expertise in their respective areas and in each specific geographic region. Local knowledge is critical to success in the oil and gas industry.
  • “De-Risked” Investments – MT Energy’s approach of due diligence on our partners and internal due diligence on each specific asset allows for multiple layers of scrutiny on each asset. This extra layer of protection for our investors improves the success rate of each asset.
  • Simplify the Complex – With the influence of the lead Family Office, communication from MT Energy, LLC is one in which there are no unworthy questions. This is a complex industry that can be communicated in respectful, thoughtful, and clear way without confusing industry jargon.